If I had a dollar for all the random press releases I get each day that don’t have anything to do with mountain biking, I’d have about $8. Although I reckon this one is worth posting up. Sunday saw the the third Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix in the Auckland Domain. Supposedly 100,000 people came out to watch (which is pretty easy to believe). It doesn’t really matter who won, cause the day is more about dressing up and having a good time. And these Lego dudes definitely take the cake! Press release below.

The Third Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix Turned the Auckland Domain Into a High Speed Race Track Today.
Over 100,000 people headed to the Auckland Domain today to cheer on one hundred teams in search of race way glory at the third Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix.

After two months of tinkering in garages around the nation, the teams came together to turn the Lower Domain Drive into a high speed race track full of creativity, originality and humor. The entries were better than ever complete with the iconic Buzzy Bee, Scooby Doo, Mr Potato Head and Team Lego all making an appearance.

All trolleys had to have gravity on their side as they raced down the 700m Lower Domain Drive full of hair raising turns that some conquered and others didn’t. The jump is what took the crowds favour, the Sky Tower trolley got stuck, but Team Go Banana Go was given wings. This was a day where the crowd was far from disappointed with the thrills and spills.

Hayley Holt took out the celebrity race against Tammy Davis (Munter from Outrageous Fortune) after he pulled a 180 and stopped dead in his tracks a mere 10 meters from the finish line.

The judging was no simple task with each team awarded points for Creativity, Showmanship and Speed. Although speed was of the essence, the showmanship the teams brought was insane.

In the end it was International Motor Sport who took first place honors with their speed machine, which had the most polished look out of the 100 trolleys. The team made it down the winding race track in a blistering 55.89 seconds.

“Well nothing can be better than wining; this is what the lasts few weeks have been about and a huge thanks to everyone who supported us and got us boys ready for the big day” said the International Motor Sport Team.

No surprises that another team with racing history, CSC racing, came a respectable second with their trolley that was designed to go like the clappers.

Third place went to team Ground Hog who no doubt would love to re live the raceway glory of today over, and over, and over again.

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