Troy Lee Designs released all their new designs online today. They had teased us a little with some of the riders repping new kit at Sea Gerbil but the full range is looking pretty fresh. And yes that includes all the A1 helmet colours if you’re not feeling the Gold Flake…

There also seems to be a ever so slightly bigger focus on the All Mountain trail side of things. Like the revised Ace range. I’ve got a pair of the Ace shorts and swear by them and those tops are looking pretty snazzy.

The ever popular Skyline range gets a dope new stripey top (which I just ordered for me!) and a slightly more burly iteration of the Ace short and a few more colour options!

The Retro top isn’t new but seeing it in action in this photo puts it in a different light; a light that says it needs to be in your riding kit (well it needs to be in mine). That orange body blue sleeves combo is amazing!!!

Oh and the ever popular XC glove gets a bit of a tweak with a much more minimal closure. Hands down this would have to be one of the best gloves ever… and it STILL comes in pink.

And as promised here are the final colourways that A1 helmet will be available in. The Gold Flake that you’ve seen around is in fact a limited edition colour that isn’t actually in the final lineup. Although a new Ltd Ed Silver Flake is now available (here in NZ in four weeks). As for the other colours there is a Satin Blue, a Gloss Yellow and Matte Black. Given just how amazing this helmet fits these new colours will make it appeal to a few more not quite as radical as me!

You can check out the full catalogue here.


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