Truvativ : Bellingham : Committed – More Mountain Bike Videos

Truvativ/SRAM are ruling the world right now in my eyes. Not just in terms of product, but in the way they are working hard at trying to grow mountain biking from the inside out in an adult way. I’m a sucker for web content that goes beyond the usual same old same old. Even more so if it’s great content that shows some depth and character to mountain biking. Trail builders have historically been under appreciated so it is good to see Truvativ putting time and money back into trailbuilding and popping out a wonderful little edit that might give people an insight into the hard work and dedication of trail builders. Thank goodness that the MTB web doesn’t just have to consist of bike checks of dirt jumpers.

Here’s the story.

Back in January, Truvativ swung through Bellingham, Washington and witnessed the supreme creativity and perseverance a diverse group of trail builder’s had. Committing yourself to months in the woods for a trail no one is asking for is a special skill. It’s an unlearn-able and thankless task. Here’s a little tribute to the callused hands and sore backs that make all of our rides reality. They don’t just happen. Every Ride Has a Story Credit: Truvativ/Sagerian Media

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