The official race report and Day One video recap won’t be far away, but for now we can bring you the results, and you’ll be very stoked to see Kiwis Jamie Nicoll in third place and ex-Wellington cycle courier Chris Johnston in fifth. Hopefully both can improve on those places over the week. Other notable Kiwis are Sven Martin back in 16th (coming second in the media squid stakes behind filmer Stu Thomson). Sven’s wife Anka is not far behind coming third in the ladies division, but it’s a long week and fingers crossed she can defend last year’s title! And Spoke’s Jono Baddiley had a great first day and came away with a solid mid-pack finish (36th) beating fellow Spoke contributor John Oldale by four minutes (he’s back in 50th).
Stay Tuned for the full report shortly.




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