This morning saw the second round of the Under Ground Super D go down in a very sunny Wainui. Thirty people made both stage start lines with the number eligible for the overall now down to 21 hardy souls. That number will drop again this week after Daniel Melink relocates to Queenstown. The first stage was a bit of a pedal fest with a section of Freewheel, a bit of the 4WD track, and a whole lot of beginner track Snail Trail.

Eden Cruise laid down the hammer, pipping Miles the Pool Boy by 4.4 seconds. IMG_20141123_100238

Stage 2 was a trip down memory lane, well more a steep slippery rut, as we headed down original Spoon and then into the slippery steep rootfest that is Scrims. Age and experience won over with Eden slipping back to 6th (and third overall) Miles took the win comfortably solidifying his round two results as well the overall lead. Hadley Boyce continued his on fire streak with a solid second today which sees him sitting comfortably in third overall.

Anyway the below results tell the story and that’s all you want really. So here’s today’s two stage results


And the overall results…


Underground-Super-D-Series-Standings_After-R2Wednesday’s round will be announced Tuesday night on the Underground Super D Twitter account @undergroundsup1. Thanks again to McCashins Brewery and Stoke Beer for all their support.


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