For the third round of the McCashins Underground Super D we mixed things up a bit and headed into the suburbia above Ngaio to ride a fairly unknown trail, the legality of which is sometimes questioned. Thirty-nine riders made their way to the top (well 41 did but two were a bit late) and hung out in the howling wind before setting off on a mixture of overgrown farm track, a couple of fence dismounts and some of the coolest regenerating native bush around. If you were off the pace (like me) you may have even spotted two healthy sized young Rimu. underground-super-d-8524Results wise things definitely got mixed up with Miles way back off the pace and Cowboy taking the win. Top five finisher last week Leif Roy couldn’t handle the pressure and dropped back to his worst result of the series so far while Fatty stepped it up into second. The second youngest competitor Eden Cruise again proved he can hang with washed up downhillers and nabbed a respectable 6th place while the first appearance of ex-Wellington-ex-Neslon local Derek Winwood pulled off a 7th. It wasn’t all good times though with young 12-year-old Elliot struggling for over a minute to lift his bike over the first fence! Underground-Super-D-Rnd-3---Results

In the overall hunt for the oldest trophy in New Zealand All-Duro™ scene things a looking tight between Eden and Hadley, with only 5.5 seconds separating them. Next week’s race should be damn exciting. Again we won’t announce where it is until Saturday night, but what I can say is you’ll need a car and a bit of gas (maybe pack a deck chair). Follow the Underground Super D on Twitter to find out where to meet on Sunday morning.

Overall Results after three rounds






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  1. Ahhh . . . . I don’t mean to question your journalistic skills Caleb (which I’m sure are considerable), but you missed the key story. Miles the Poolboy, who was leading the series at the end of the last round, comes in at 25th in this race and slips to 5th in the overall.

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