Round three of Wellington’s Underground Super D went down last night amidst a cold southerly on Mirimar tracks Jailbreak and Conviction. The two times were combined for a total. Oh and Tryfan and Jim decided to make Jailbreak a chainless affair. Richard Leacock took the win again, followed by Cowboy and then Brother Ryan. The Hippy and Al Quinn (who’s been MIA so far) rounded out the top five. Next week should be the Super D to end all Super Ds as we are riding Rata Ridge (times will be in the 20s and 30s I predict) from the pole at the top of the trig (by the first switchback) all the way to the BP station. There will be a series prizegiving and BBQ at Tryfan’s afterwards, so bring beer, meat and money for Jim who’s purchased most of the beer so far.  I’ll post up more details about the start next Wednesday morning, so check back then.

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