Helmet reviews are funny things. I mean
seriously, what good is a helmet review unless
you’ve crashed on your supposedly protected
noggin? On top of that, head shapes vary so a
perfect fit for me might not fit you. I guess then it
comes down to airflow, which is important.
Almost as important as looks.
Neither my son Elliot—who’s stolen my Endur-O-Matic—nor I, have crashed on our heads so you’ll just have to trust European testing standards that you’ll be safe; this thing passes them all. It’s worth mentioning that the lack of vents (there are only eight in total) give you a larger protective surface to ward off pesky things like branches and stinging insects. Those eight vents—four at the front and four at the back—may look minimal but your head stays surprisingly cool due to the Venturi effect, a famous law of fluid dynamics maintaining that air travelling through the helmet speeds up as it crosses your head, thereby keeping it cool.
So your head has air and you’re safe, but does it look cool? The answer is yes, for some. The Euro styling of this bad boy works wonders for some but it’s not for everyone; some of the people I’ve seen rocking these, well, shouldn’t be. While I look like a complete dork in the Endur-O-Matic, Elliot looks like some killer junior French Super D racer. ELLIOT AND CALEB SMITH

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