After a week of insane weather Wellington turned it on for the second Mt Vic Super D (okay so it was a bit windy). There were a few course changes this year, a big sculpted berm up the top took out the off-camber run-in to the first step-down, and the run-in to Rod’s drop took you on a bit of a mission through the trees and there was a new step-up that followed soon after. The lower part of the track remained unchanged except for a kind of road gap thing that claimed a few people, well, mostly Grant Robinson from Pennys, who scored a few stitches and a pretty mean looking swollen face.

Grant was not a happy camper... "Where the F#@k is Rod?"

Most of the usual suspects were back from last year, but ex-Wellington ripper Weasel made the trip down from Palmy to stand on the podium with old downhill buddies Hadley Boyce and Nathan Rankin. But the real story in Masters 1 was local lad and regular Underground Super D rider Aidan Forrest claiming 4th! Masters 1 is stacked with rad riders, a bunch that will be well stoked for Mr Forrest I’m sure.

Aiden means business, see he's even rocking an XC/Road lid...

Apart from Grant you’d be hard pressed to find anyone not happy with today. A massive thanks to Dave, The Hippy and Rod and everyone else from WMTBC and all the volunteers who made the day such a success! Can’t wait for next year…

The Rodfather evading Grant's bloody lip

Richard Leacock tok home two prizes, 1st Senior Men and 1st in the worst dressed... (someone had to say it)

All the results are below and every photo I took from today is in the gallery. They’re not my greatest work, but they’re now up on Flickr for you to download as hi-res jpgs (they’re in some crazy random order though).

Oh and because its an internatiaonal magazine no no to run photos of youself in your own magazine, i thought i'd take advantage of Jordan Moss's fine images and post up a shot of me, this is what riding slow looks like...


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