Harriet Harper shreds on a bike, loves a beer, and has a nice little selection of discs to take to Vancouver Island when the apocalypse hits…


What albums would I take to a desert island? Does anyone listen to albums any more? And can you still buy CDs? I must admit that I have a CD collection in the car which still gets used. It’s like going for a drive is always a little blast from the past.

I don’t necessarily own this list of CDs; I would have to somehow (a music store?) track them down before departing for this desert island…

Hopefully this island is shared only with people who have actively avoided bringing any recent pop albums, and there are no commercial radio stations to tune into… Bliss!

Parallel Dance Ensemble: Possessions and Obsessions

I can’t seem to tire of this album. Even after taking it to the private hell of wind training in the garage with no windows.


Mos Def: Black on Both Sides


Possibly I’m about 40% wigga. I always laugh when “Mr Nigga” (his term) comes on: maybe because it’s an anagram of Ginga.


Connan Mockasin: Caramel

Boyd had better not be coming with me to the island because he HATES Connan. If things get boring, I would probably indulge in torturing him by playing this album over and over, and seeing when he would ‘snap’. Just like when he’s not around, and I play this album over and over.


David Bowie: Best of

David Bowie is definitely coming.  Because he is rad.


Cypress Hill: Cypress Hill


My Dad once said the lyrics to Cypress Hill were amazing and interesting after I was allowed to play the cassette in the car.  He was probably trying to put me off with his approval. But this album is still a bit of a fave even after all these years…

Harriet (Ginga) Harper

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