Joel Bamford is a Pommy import who moved to Wellington a few years ago and has been infiltrating the trails ever since… if you were trapped on Vancouver Island with him, you probably wouldn’t know he’s there, until he suddenly appeared at another ride demanding beer and a Yorkshire Pudding. Then he’d serenade you by playing these five eclectic opus’ on the turntable he’d fashioned out of old cranks and a jock strap. Such a cool guy (he told me to say that).

Ok so here we go!

This is a tough one as there are so many albums that could go in a list of 5.

I have a tendency to get into an album and listen to it over and over again then move on to another. Here are 5 albums/bands which I keep coming back to and I think would get me through life on Vancouver Island.

Eels – Beautiful Freak


I discovered this on a mountain bike trip to Majorca back in the mid 90s. I now own every Eels album (Hombre Loco is good angry man stuff) but this one goes with me on every music device. I want to be on the Guest List for the island and I know I am a beautiful freak.

A classic E interview on Australian tv…


Tracy Chapman – Tracy Chapman


I first heard the songs on this album at a concert to celebrate Nelson Mandella’s 70th birthday in 1988 at Wembley. “Talkin’ about a revolution” is an anthem for a generation of protest songs and my mum was very active in the anti-apartheid movement in the UK so this is a definite. I need to keep my ethical compass in place on the Island and this is how to do it.

Symposium – On the BBC


I never owned an album from this UK punk rock band but they are the best band I have ever seen live (Reading Festival 1997) and this CD captures some of their performances. Bunch of young lads jumping around and banging their instruments – yes Green Day’s Dookie is a masterpiece and my 5 year old daughter’s favourite album but these guys know their sh!t too.

Jurassic 5 – J5 LP

Jurassic 5 - J5 Deluxe Re-Issue Bonus Disc (2008)

Concrete Schoolyard will calm me down in any situation and I reckon I will need calming down some times on the Island. I cannot listen to this in a car without rolling down the window, resting my arm on the sill and bobbing my head – I don’t care if I look like a numpty it has to be done. Notable mention to Dilated Peoples – The Platform, another great hip hop album but not quite as good as J5 in my humble opinion.

Tony Hancock – Hancock’s Half Hour radio series


Ok so this isn’t a music album but everybody needs to laugh and Tony Hancock knows how to make you do this. Great situation comedy – check out the blood donor episode and I dare you not to laugh.


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