In this new web series we answer that old chestnut, “what would be the five albums you’d take to a deserted island”. But we don’t want to stuck on a desert island, we want to be stuck where there’s singletrack and trees, like Vancouver Island (or even on the North or South islands of NZ!)

First up we are treated to the eclectic tastes of West Aussie-soon-to-be-South Islander Julie-Anne Christy. I’m not sure I’d want to be stuck on an island with some of her choices though!

88 Kix On (as in 1988)


A compilation cassette I got when I was 8 years old. I never tire of Billy Ocean and Cheap Trick. It has multiple uses; you can pretend to step back in time and relive your childhood or imagine it’s a crappy radio station without the ads.


NOFX Pump Up The Valuum


Pumping tracks, great for getting you psyched to train or ride to the trail. This stuff really gets my blood flowing, which may not be so good if you’re sweating it out on an island!


Nina Simone – Forbidden Fruit



You always need a romance album, one to sip cocktails or cry to. Nina’s voice is so real and so raw, it can both break your heart and lift you up.


The Essential John Denver


“Rocky Mountain High”… ahhh. What a great album. So many songs that help me remember why I love the wild so much, especially when I’m stuck in the office.


Beyoncé – I Am… Sasha Fierce



‘Cause some days you just gotta dance.

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