Hello Mountain Bikers,

We need your help to find the best NZ MTB Crown event of the year. Vote, and be into win prizes including a heli-bike tour with Fat Tyre Queentown!

You need to have started two NZ Crown events in a discipline to vote. Then just log in to your profile (it takes 1 min to create your profile if you haven’t already). And click here to place your votes. You will be asked to rate each event you competed in from 1-10 based on organisation and course, its that simple.

Its very important that you vote, because we require events to have a minimum 30% of participants do the voting, or the results won’t count. 

Entries close on 14th May. We will announce the winners of each discipline and of each area shortly after that.

It would be great if you can email / facebook / tweet your friends to tell them to vote too!!

Kashi and Tom

NZ MTB Crown

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