Week 4 — halfway, baby!
It’s amazing how things can change in just a week.

Last week we started off in Trestle MTB Park (aka Winter Park ski resort when dirt is in and snow is out). Chairlift up, and ride down baby! All day, for two days, we embraced our inner downhill demon and ripped it up (kind of). This park sees 30,000 individual riders in 90 days. Not too shabby, Colorado. We even ran into a Kiwi who is one of the four full time trail maintenance crew.

Although the park was super rad, we can’t say the same for the town. It seems that everything (even the Chinese takeaway shop) is closed on a Tuesday. We satisfied our rumbling bellies with microwave TV dinners… ’cause we’re athletes.

Denver is the next stop to pick up WORD member number 5… John Randal. You may know him for his love of uphill climbing and coffee or his incredibly popular blog. Being the great guy that he is, he organised our next day’s outing, to the Yeti Factory! So with a couple boxes of the local favourite (Coors Light), we made our way to the factory in hope of a wee tour. The Yeti crew (including Nate who was our hostess with the mostess) were happy to show us around as we drooled over bikes our wallets wouldn’t allow (yet). After the grand tour, we were invited along on the super secret lunchtime ride.  Nick was a great tour guide (riding a Yeti prototype; we’re sworn to secrecy) and  took us on a loop including the Apex trail.

But even with all the excitement, these times are a-changing. We’re saying goodbye to Whisky (heading back to New Zealand to be a grown up) and Hamish (moving to the land of maple syrup).

The crew is back to three, and we’re off to Crested Butte (not to be confused with ‘butt’).  We have one week with John, let’s make it a goodie!

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