Vice Magazine. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to pay attention to it in one way or another. I’ve been a huge fan of Shane Smith for not long now (it would be too much like a Vice loving hipster thing to say that I have been a fan since before he even got famous) but I’ve never quite understood how it all came to be that Vice is leading the way in helping reshuffle media. And then last week a Twitter link popped up that told me everything I needed to hear, “Spike Spends Saturday with…Shane Smith“. The Spike in question is Spike Jonze, creative genius behind about half the stuff that has ever been cool in the past twenty years.

If you want to enjoy some quality programming then go to WWW.VICE.COM which is the newly amalgamated home of Viceland, Vice Mag, VBS, as well as Motherboard, Noisey, and the Creators Project.

Top picks would have to be Epicly Later’d series which is about the gritty history and autobiographies of skateboarding, Ball Deep for the cringe worthy nature of it and, Shot By Kern for the…

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