Wow, last night will go down in The Underground Super D’s three year series as the biggest gong show so far. Climbing up the tip track to the start at the radar dome Mark and I rode out of sun and into dense low cloud. Twenty people had ponied up for the start, including Tim (T Rex) Wilding, with his TallBoy fresh of his second place at the Huka XL. As everyone guessed the infamous Red Rocks track was the course, its been at least four years since I last rode it and that thing is still as scary as ever. Richard Leacock and the Giant Iguana took the win again (12:30), followed closely by T Rex (12:50) and Ryan from Bicycle in third (12:52). Leif lost a chain, Banga lost a chain and a pedal, Mark got lost and Mariska and Cowboy DNF’d and had us about to call out search and rescue when they rolled over the finish line about an hour after starting! Next week it’s Mirimar but I’ll bring the details on Tuesday next week.

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