Underground SUper D 2014New Zealand’s almost-longest-running-not-affiliated-with-the-MTB-crown-full-colour-All-Duro™ event is back for 2014 and we have made a few changes for this year’s series. The changes are due to a bunch of people who work in the city and continually complain about not being able to get to the hut so we have shifted the races not in the city to Sunday mornings. Oh and the other big change is that Stoke are backing the series and looking after us with refreshments after the final event on Sunday the 30th.
We won’t be posting race locations up as we don’t want Ranger Steve to know where we will be and Cowboy doesn’t trust me to keep a secret so you need to follow @undergroundsup1 on Twitter for all race location info which will be posted the night before Sunday’s races and the morning of Wednesday’s races.

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