IMG_7935Recently the QMTBC held the Wynyard Jam in conjunction with Atlas Beer Cafe. With the likes of Bernard Kerr and Eliot Jackson in town throwing down, Emmerson became one of the standouts and much talked about for his flip on the third hit of Big Dream. Yes, it’s been done before by Kelly McGarry and Conor Macfarlane, but what makes Emmerson exceptional is that he’s a complete amateur joining the ranks of the pros. So I sat down with Emmerson to learn a wee bit more about him.
Words and Photos Graeme Cooper

Emmerson-Wilken--Big-Dream-Flip-(1-of-1)Name: Emmerson Wilken
Age: 28
Hometown: Queenstown
Sponsors: ABD Bikes, H&J Outdoor World, Queenstown
Current bikes: ABD BMX, ABD Derelikt, Specialized Pitch, Scott Voltage

GC: What would you rate as your biggest achievement so far?
EW: Flipping Dream is definitely up there,but it’s kind of just a one hit thing so it’s hard to say that really. Maybe the 2nd I got at Teva Slopestyle. I mean it was in the amateurs but that was quite fun really because it was a whole event and not just a one jump thing.

GC: What was the motivating factor behind wanting to flip Big Dream?
EW: When I first got to Queenstown I only rode BMX. I was told about a Wynyard Jam and got to see Big Dream. As I saw it I knew I needed a big bike to jump these, so I bought an ex rental in town. A few months later I gave Dream a go and loved it. At that point there was only a handful of riders able to do it. Felt good to be part of this elite crew. Now it’s the same with the flip. I wanted to do something different. And there is more to come. Watch this space.

GC: Your favourite place to ride or trail?
EW: That is almost impossible to answer!! Gorge Road for being the local jump park. Always love going to the Farm. And of course Wynyard for the smaller stuff as well as the big stuff.

GC: Any events coming up?
EW: Farm Jam March 1st,followed by another Gorge Road jam just tying in with everyone down this way. There will be another Wynyard Jam and of course the slopestyle during the Queenstown Bike Festival as well as few filming projects in between.

GC: Now one of only three people to flip the third hit on Big Dream are there any other tricks that you would like to tick off on Big Dream specifically?
EW: I’d like to do a tailwhip still on the big bike. It worked in Mini Dream so I figured I would try it on Big Dream.

GC: Lastly any people that you would like to thank?
EW: Firstly my wife Meagan for putting up with me and having to look after me when I’m injured. The guys at ABD. Cool to be part of that. Ryan Black and the crew at H&J’s for looking after me really well. Plus all the guys and all the trail builders that make the scene here in Queenstown.

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