Enlightenment comes in many forms, and music is one of the best mediums to make you think about the way the world works, either in a light, uplifting way, or with the brutal reality of all that is unjust and wrong with this planet.

This clip from rapper and activist Prince Ea popped up on the newsfeed the other day, and made an instant impression. For one so young, he has a pretty solid handle on why the world is in trouble and how to try and reverse the downward spiral. It may at first seem depressing and fatalistic, but closing your eyes and ears only embellishes the problem. Ultimately, it’s a powerful and positive message…

Not long after I watched that clip, another popped up and instantly grabbed my attention in another way. The Cure covering The Beatles? It could have gone either way. Of course, there’s only one way that combination can go, and that’s to magicville.

Their first recording in six years, they teamed up with Sir Paul’s son James for a version of Hello Goodbye for the coming album The Art Of McCartney. Robert’s vocals are just made for McCartney’s tunes, and I reckon he would’ve been a perfect Beatle if he was born 20 years earlier. And good to see he’s sticking with his trademark hair and makeup all these years later. Only he could pull it off!

Just try not singing this for the rest of the day…

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