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Man, the mountain biking world is small. When sight impaired Bobby McMullen was out here last year for the Queenstown Mountain Bike Festival his buddy and one of his sponsors, Bay Area local Yuri Hauswald, came out to guide him. We met and decided that it would be best for Yuri to pen the story on Bobby’s trip for Spoke. Well it turns out Yuri’s wife Vanessa is in fact heavily involved in the MTB world as well, and this, the third video in the Kitsbow clothing series of movies asking why we ride is pretty darn inspirational. Check the first two clips below.

#whyMTB Chapter 1: Scot Nicol from Kitsbow on Vimeo.

#whyMTB Chapter 2: Brien Chartier from Kitsbow on Vimeo.

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  1. Balance seems like a cliche word in the MTB world but not only is it such an important part of riding it’s also the center of a happy healthy life. 3 vids are also a nice balance. Happy riding 🙂

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