If you have visited your local bike shop recently you may have seen some serious bling in the way of ENVE components sitting on the shelves. Wide Open are backing ENVE hard and have a full demo fleet of wheels travelling the country, well not today because we’ll be riding them! But in this post from the Wide Open launch we’ll take a look at the MTB line of ENVE Product.

First up is the DH bar, now it’s the same bar that the Syndicate use and features a 9degree up sweep  and a 5degree back sweep and full carbon construction.

The DH specific 100% uni-direction carbon fiber construction provides the 30mm wide DH rim (21mm internal)  with unprecedented tracking and cornering performance as well as reduction of weight compared to sizeable weight savings over DH specific alloy rims, this bad boys tip the scales at 465 grams.

The best thing about Wide Open picking up ENVE is the fact that they also have Chris King so can offer you custom hand built carbon wheels with a bulletproof hub (that sounds like angry bee). In fact they can completely custom hand build your wheels from ground up, you get to choose from nine different Chris King hub colours as well as DT Swiss (all laced with DT Aero Lights). The AM wheelset is a tubeless design with a 30mm width, designed to be stiff wide and light, the perfect rim for all but full on DH bikes. The AM weighs in at 1444grams a pair and start at $3660 (for the 26″). The 29″ weighs in at 1534grams and start at $3820.

Unlike other carbon tubeless rims the ENVEs require sealing and come with a roll of Gorilla tape to convert a wheel set.

Chris King hubs. What else can you say…

The 29″ XC is 50 grams lighter than the AM equivalent at 1424 grams a pair and feature a 24mm rim width, its designed to be stiff and light, race light but durable enough to be trained on. XC wheelsets start at $3820 a pair.

All ENVE wheels feature hidden nipples, but despite their unique appearance the wheels just use a standard j bend spoke.

The ENVE stem is super light and amply stiff; it’s the perfect compliment to the ENVE carbon handlebars. Featuring titanium hardware, cold forged alloy face place, and molded-in threads, this stem is a perfect compliment to your mountain or road bike. It comes in 75mm, 90mm and 100mm just for Lester Perry (he can use it on his road bike as well).

If rocking a carbon cockpit isn’t enough bling for you, then you need a ENVE carbon seatpost. Thanks to its strong one piece molded design, this post is equally at home on technical singletrack as it is on the asphalt. It features an unbelievable weight and streamlined looks with a single bolt design that may be adjusted with one hand. Ample fore/aft adjustment and infinite angle adjustments are at your fingertips. The post comes in 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 and in 400mm length. It weighs in at 190grams and $385.

These MRP guides arrived about an hour before the show and pretty much came straight from Interbike. The G3 replaces the current G2 and features a tonne of upgrades. A new improved polycarbonate formula for starters, a one piece bash plate with integrated jockey wheel (it also comes with a slider). The bash plate hinges for easy chain ring removal.

The top guide rocks a new noise-reducing bush as well. Match that to a clutch rear mech and you are talking about a silent bike.

Juice Lubes also had a couple of new things to show off, like this Frame Juice, super slippery and shiny polish. Helps clean your bike up properly, leaving a slick surface so it’s easier to clean after the next ride.

They also had this JL69 all purpose lubricant that displaces moisture and protects. It’s great for displacing water from all those nooks and crannies post ride, also great as a general lubricant and water displacer around the house.

Marzocchi have updated the very popular 55 for 2013, the main change being the introduction of the V2 piston (high low speed auto compression adjuster) to the RC3 damper which is the same as used on the 888 DH forks ridden by Brook MacDonald and Matt Scoles.

The 55 is also sporting updated graphics; there’s even an Italian flag in the mix!


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  1. sigh!!!…seriously though, whats wrong with RST and cromoly/mild steel. its all about the rider…. no really, im fine here at home………………..is it raining in taupo yet?hope so!

  2. Bwahaha, thanks Caleb! I hope that means you’re sending me a sample for ‘testing’ – preferably in 130mm but Ill settle for a hundy if thats all they do.

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