fox-stickers-bannerWhen Fox announced their new 36 fork a few months back they combined that release with the very cool news that they were also releasing a bunch of sticker packs to let you match your fork to your frame. Well they are here now and there are seven line extensions available in total but for now we are only stocking the Red, Black/White, Green and Tennis Yellow in the Spoke webshop. But in a little treat we also have a set of each colour to give away as well! All you need to do is flick us an email with a picture of your beat up current Fox forks and a few words why you are in need of a new complete set of front and rear shock decals! Send your entries here and if you can’t wait and just want to buy your sticker kits head here.
fox-stickers-Fluro-green fox-stickers-red fox-stickers-white fox-stickers-green

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    1. Jay, that’s a complete set of decals for your forks, and every sticker conceivable for every type of Fox rear shock. Its pretty reasonable really, but i’ll admidt its not for everyone.

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