We did post this up the other day but since then we’ve sold out of our first shipment of Mucky Nutz bendable lightweight fenders. Well we just got a whole shedload more and they’re in the webshop here now. If they sell like the first lot they won’t last long so get in now. It’s also worth mentioning that like unlike other copies of the bendable fender, the Mucky Nutz Bender Fender, Bender Fender XL and Gut Fender all come with enough double sided Velcro for easy installation (and removal) and won’t tear the plastic like zip ties.

Man I love Game of Thrones, I’ve read all the books (and I’m eagerly awaiting the remainder) and although the TV series is departing a bit from the books, it’s still pretty cool to see it translated to the screen. What isn’t cool is the fact that in both Game of Thrones and here in New Zealand winter is indeed coming, and this past weekend’s riding (well in Wellington at least) was a reminder of that. Supposedly though we have a little time up our sleeves to get our winter riding kits in order and our night lights charged.

Now while we don’t have white walkers to deal with, we’ll soon have a whole lot of mud to deal with and the folks at Mucky Nutz have got a product line to keep you mostly mud free. Now I ran the Mucky Nutz Bender Fender all last year and was blown away with just how much mud the thing kept off my face, but with the whole line you can keep the mud off your arse, out of your shock and away from your down tube. And just so you know what’s up, the Bender Fender was first released in 2009 by Mucky Nutz, and apart from cut up ice cream lids it’s the original bend-able fender. Now we have a bunch of these on order and will have them in the Webshop soon. In the meantime check ’em out here and as soon as they’re in stock we’ll let you know.

All of Mucky Nutz Fenders are available to buy in the Spoke Shop here, NOW.

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