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There’s a lot going on up north at Woodhill right now, and it looks the goods. I’ve never ridden at the Auckland staple (for shame, I know) but that’s going to have to be rectified when the latest network of trails opens in April. John Colthorpe brings another little gem of a clip showing the great work being done by the trail crew and one of the rare times you’ll see a dude shredding in steel-cap work boots.


For the past few months all around us is the rumbling of massive machines dropping trees. Sometimes we come back out after a day’s trail work and the forest that was there in the morning is gone. It’s an eerie sound as they move closer and closer up the valley towards our trail network. It’s inevitable that we’re going to start losing more trails in the near future and Woodhill as we know it will eventually be wiped out completely. Luckily we secured a new area last November and are working really hard to build a completely new trail network. There’s a real sense of urgency but we also want to make sure we make these trails sustainable enough to cater for the high numbers of riders we see week and week out at the park. We’ve already built 10km of new track since November and I think riders are going to love the new feel to the park. Bike Parks Ltd are committing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the initial and extensive two year project and all of that is raised through business revenue rather than grants or government contributions.

Thanks to Dakine, Scott Bikes, Avanti, Nature Valley,CamelBak, Torpedo7, Bell, RockShox, Smith Optics, Kali and Hukkiit

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