There’s a new kid on the block in the Wellington bike workshop scene. That new kid is Workshop 88. Despite the business being fresh faced and in its infancy, the guy running the show  is anything but (although he does look good for his age).
Many Spoke readers will know Rod Bardsley as a regular contributor to the magazine but some of you may not realise that Rod’s contribution to the mountain biking community in Wellington runs very deep. Not only has Rod been riding mountain bikes for more than twenty years, he has also been wrenching, selling, advising, building, racing, and teaching nearly as long. Rod was part of the legendary Cycle Services shop on Cuba St back in the nineties and although you won’t have found him behind the counter since CS closed up he hasn’t ceased working as a mechanic for close to two decades now.


Don’t be fooled by the baby face. This man has decades of experience wrenching bikes.

If you’ve ever been out for a ride with Rod you’ll know that he is not only a great rider with a seemingly effortless style but that he’s also clearly incredibly passionate about every aspect of the sport . . . especially the bikes. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who spends more time thinking about how bikes work and how to get the best performance out of components (new and used), than Rod. It’s a very rare occasion to have a conversation with him in which he doesn’t offer some sage advice on how to improve your bike’s performance or care for your two wheeled investment.

Located at 88 Sydney St in Petone, Workshop 88 may seem a little off the beaten track but is actually an easy short deviation if you’re heading over to Wainui or Belmont to mountain bike, further north on a  road trip, or up the valley on a road ride.Only fifteen minutes on the motorway from Wellington city and with off street parking out front, it’s also refreshing to be able to drop your bike off for a service without having to spend twenty minutes looking for a spot for the car.

Workshop 88 offers the full compliment of workshop services from the basic puncture repair and quick tunes right through to the more complex servicing of suspension components, maintenance of hydraulic brakes, and wheel builds. Essentially, if you’re having a problem with your bike or recognise that it’s time you showed your steed the love that it deserves, Rod will be able to help you out. Alongside the workshop services Rod can also advise you on parts and accessories should you need any.

On top of being a great mechanic, Rod is also a genuine people person, which means your bike will not only get the attention it deserves but you’ll also be  treated with respect and honesty as part of the process. Obviously we’re slightly biased here at Spoke as we’re lucky enough to count Rod as a friend, riding buddy and colleague. But we’re also sure that should you visit Workshop 88 you’ll be stoked on the experience.

Workshop 88

88 Sydney St, Petone

04 566 8890


Wed, Fri, Sat: 12:00 – !6:00

Tue & Thu: 12:00 – 19:00

(This is not a paid advertorial . . . although a packet of Tim Tams wouldn’t go amiss. What do you say Rod?)


 Drooling over new stuff is great, but sometimes it’s nice to reminisce about days gone by . . . 


   . . . or drool over old stuff while Rod sorts out your current ride for you.




 Ummmm?  . . . yeah, like the sign says.



 If you need a wheel built or repaired, Rod is your man. And he doesn’t care whether you’re 26″, 650b, 700c, or 29’er.




 Purpose built fork servicing area. A clean job is a good job.



Despite what your mum said, this is one man in vinyl gloves that you can trust.




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    1. And then there was 1, sadly Bike Hutt has closed, the big Internet bike shops are killing our local bike shops, the wholesalers need to look at this as jo public can get parts from wiggle at less than wholesale!

          1. Yep Avanti too and Get Fixed Bicycle Repairs that does free pick up and delivery.

  1. Rod actually knows his stuff (sadly this isn’t as common as one would hope in the NZ bike industry). Also he looks after his distributors (the guys you ask for help when you are stumped) which goes a long way in this tiny industry. You not only get Rod at bike 88; you get the extra mile from marzocchi, shimano, SRAM, fox, etc. If you don’t get your bike serviced by Rod, you are either a maestro or an idiot.

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