Hilo-post-completeThe X-Fusion Hilo is nothing new, it’s an adjustable height seatpost that’s been around a while but we’ve just had a couple arrive in the office and if these things aren’t bang for your buck good value I don’t know what is… Hilo-lever-0354
At 125mm of travel they share a bunch of similarities with the classic Joplin, for one, the use a cable-actuated remote lever almost identical to the Joplin’s, although the Hilo’s is a little more refined. After spending almost 3 years on a Maverick Speedball R and the Joplin 4, I have no doubt in saying that it’s possibly the simplest and most resolved remote. You can put it anywhere, left or right, top or bottom and you can activate the seat by pushing the lever in any direction. Gold.Hilo-Clamp

Setup is easy, we just fitted this one to one of the Manual Magazine boy’s bikes this morning and it took all of ten minutes. The action is smooth, it’s not as fast as a Fox or a Thomson but it’s about the same speed as a Reverb. Like the Joplin though the post isn’t fixed down and if you go to lift the bike from the seat the seatpost will rise. But for the price of one of these X Fusion HiLos I’m sure that’s something you can live with. And this magical price you ask? Well the X Fusion Hilo will have you adjusting your saddle while you ride for under four hundred dollars. $399 in fact is all you’ll pay for this bad boy. Any bike shop can get them for you and they come in 30.9 and 31.6mm.



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