Look what showed up today! Spoke’s new long term test bike and it just so happens it’s for ME! Yes sir, that is an XL Yeti SB95 just waiting to be built up, but I need to chase up a few things first. I’m gonna be running the rear wheel with a 12 x 142mm setup, unlike the Niner which takes a Maxle, the Yeti uses the Shimano standard, so one of those is on the way.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the SB95 is Yeti’s 29″ trail bike with 125mm of rear travel (via the Switch suspension system). With a fox 140mm fork it will feature a 67.6 head angle and a 13.5″ bottom bracket so it’s gonna be pretty damn choice and I’m going to be building it pretty burly, with a 50mm stem, 770 Havoc 35 bars and Haven Carbon wheels (I’m getting excited just typing this). I’ll be building it up over the next few days; hopefully by Monday this thing will be ready to roll and I’ll bring you a full rundown on the built bike then.

Yeti bikes are available in New Zealand online at

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  1. Will it save your trumpet from being dented again on your next Nelson visit?? Take it down that trail and give us the test results…..comparing apples with apples and all that

      1. Skoda always knows best! it is not just good for bikes, it is exceptionally good for bikes, Caleb is bad mouthing it to save it for himself! I’m sure he said the same about Te Iringa the first time he rode it, but now he talks the truth.

    1. If you are interested in finding out more about the SB66, then check out the Yeti NZ importers website, have a programme called Yetin In Your Shed I think. They also do demo days around the country quite often.
      Ride one, you won’t be dissapointed!

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