Well I slipped on the “beautiful internet video each day for the whole week” trip, mainly because for some reason half way through the week all the previous videos decided to mysteriously disappear. It took me ages to remember where I found them (and the amazing scooter video was lost forever…ish) by which time I was absolutely over video searching. Anyway, back on track to finish the week, this video is by the Dendrite Studios who consist of Nicolas Teichrob and Athan Merrick. This movie was created by Nicolas Teichrob and is more of a photo montage of Nicolas’ epic shots mixed with moving imagery. Zero Degrees explores winter in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, and the relationship with the freezing level. Every winter it rains and snows at all elevations from sea level to mountain top peaks. People living on the coast learn to appreciate what the rains bring and make the most out of all conditions. Afterwards have a look around at their other projects…

Out Of The Shadows. One of the most stirring ski movie teasers ever. 1min 25 seconds in gives me shivers.

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