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Exclusive Video: Transition Klunker Review

Posted by Caleb Smith on Wednesday October 16 2013

Issue 53 of Spoke features our review of the Transition Klunker, an old school style bike which took Spoke reviewer Leif Roy back to his roots in the most terrifying way possible.

Filmed on Wainui’s Spoon Hill trail on a wet slippery day, Leif tests the limits of the bike and his underwear.

Artist – Orgone
Song – Ride My Swing (Feat Fanny Franklin)
Album – New You
Ubiquity Records


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  • pedalhound

    I have gotta get one of those, damn it looks like fun…scary, scary fun.

  • Bryce Lyall

    I impulse bought the hell out of a ‘party in the woods matte black” one. So much fun.

  • Adam

    Great vid. Dressed appropriately. Nice reminder that any bike is good fun.

  • timjim

    So Leif says the Klunker is sweet on smooth, bermed tracks.. and the then proceeds to take 491 which is the opposite… Awesome! The review could so with some more karate hand chops though possibly….

  • rod

    yo Leif, if you hadda ridded that rig like that at Maidstone i would def let you keep the 88 T shirt. LEGEND!