Guanajuato City in Mexico was the last stop in the Cerro Abajo Urban Downhill series after weeks of insane riding through South America, in Valparaíso in Chile and Medellín, Colombia.

Guanajuato’s urban downhill course featured 1.2 kilometres of steep staircases, through a few living rooms and tight turns, finishing with two massive jumps. Newly designed for 2023, the course was physically demanding, with a few sections requiring some serious pedalling between features.

“When it comes to steep stairs, there’s none faster”, Rob Warner promised at the start of Camilo Sánchez’s winning run last Sunday. The Columbian finished two seconds faster than Canada’s Jackson Goldstone, claiming the win in 1 minute 55.766 seconds.

From the streets of Portugal in the early 2000s to the Cerro Abajo series today, Urban Downhill showcases some of the most exciting and technical riding out there – and Colombia is producing some of the discipline’s best riders.

Juanfer Vélez took the overall title after finishing second at Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo and fastest on home soil at Medellín Cerro Abajo. Sánchez placed second with 95 points and the Czech rider Tomáš Slavík took third.

Red Bull Cerro Abajo overall standings:

1. Juanfer Vélez (COL) – 119 points
2. Camilo Sánchez (COL) – 95
3. Tomáš Slavík (CZR) – 78
4. Lucas Borba (BRA) – 70
5. Gabriel Giovannini (BRA) – 63