Cory Wallace: The Nomad

Cory Wallace is happiest when combining adventure, racing and travel. He’s a two-time Canadian Marathon winner, and four-time 24hour World Champion, who, for the last 16 years, has been travelling the world by bike.

His cycling career began on backcountry trips with his Dad, carving routes through snow, rain and wind. And he never really stopped riding: two wheels have taken him from Mongolia to Nepal, from Australia to Italy, and everywhere in between.

“I thought I’d do this until I was about 30 years old, then retire and move on, but the lifestyle is intriguing, and I want to get deeper and deeper into the cultures that I visit,” said Cory.

“Every new day is surprising when you’re overseas. I never thought I’d do it this long, but the more I travel and the more I experience, the more I want to do it. I mean, the memories are something you’ll always take with you.

“When I come to countries like Guatemala, it’s just so interesting every day and every ride. When you’re out there, you just want to experience it all. You want to be in the moment right there. There’s just so much energy—you want to be part of it. I’ve always found the cycling community open all over the world.

“Even if you don’t speak the same language, the bike is that connection in that world.”

Video and photographs by Stirl and Rae Media Haus