Crankworx Innsbruck 2023

Fresh off the back of the DH World Cup round in Leogang, Crankworx came again to Innsbruck in a record-breaking weekend of freeride


The Official European Whip-Off Championships presented by POC kickstarted Crankworx Innsbruck, set against arguably the most scenic whip-off jump on the planet.

The thunderstorm and pouring rain before the event was “perfect watering” for the jump Vinny Armstrong took gold on. Robin Goomes and Georgia Astle placed second and third respectively.

“Tonight was insane!” Goomes said. “I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s just the best Whip-Off jump on the Crankworx circuit in my opinion. It’s really good vibes for me because it’s the first Crankworx event I came to and the first event I won actually.”


1st. Kaos Seagrave (GBR) // Vinny Armstrong (NZL)

2nd. Edgar Briole (FRA) // Robin Goomes (NZL)

3rd. Kade Edwards (GBR) // Georgia Astle (CAN)


David Godziek turned the heat up on the raining champ on Saturday with a 95.25 scoring run featuring a tuck no handed twister and triple tail whip. But it was Emil Johansson, the slopestyle triple crowned rider who stole the show once again. Despite slipping a pedal on the whale tail, Johansson delivered an insane run that featured a 360-degree triple tail whip and opposite windshield wiper.


1st. Emil Johansson, 97.25

2nd. David Godziek, 95.35

3rd. Lucas Huppert, 85

Speed and Style

Slopestyle’s reigning champion, Tomas Lemoine, double flipped into first in the men’s as Robin Goomes gained the edge on Harriet Burbage-Smith with a one-footed backflip.


1st. Tomas Lemoine // Robin Goomes

2nd. David Lieb // Harriet Burbage-Smith

3rd. Garret Mechem // Shealen Reno


The pumptrack showcased some exciting riding, with Caroline Buchanan cruising into first against world champion Christa Van Niederhäusern and a silver for Tuhoto-Ariki Pene pushing him into second overall.


1st. Jayce Cunning // Caroline Buchanan

2nd. Tuhoto-Ariki Pene // Christa  Van Niederhäusern

3rd. Bas van Steenbergen // Martha Gill

Dual Slalom


Dual Slalom is a discipline that requires extreme skill and precision, where one mistake can cost you that millisecond winning margin. Sam Blenkinsop and George Brannigan turned out to remind Innsbruck just how well Kiwis ride.

1st. Jacob Jewett // Martha Gill

2nd. Samuel Blenkinsop // Anna Newkirk

3rd. George Brannigan // Luana Chereches

The power of the home crowd has been palpable over the last two weekends for Vali Holl, who secured another gold medal yesterday in the downhill with a huge 9.3 second lead.


1st. Bernard Kerr // Vali Holl

2nd. Oliver Zwar // Anna Newkirk

3rd. Jacob Jewett // Phoebe Gale