Harriet Burbage-Smith: Purpose

“Riding for me is riding with your mates, you feel your own progression and then get stoked when you see them doing the same.”

Across three videos, Trek is looking at what gives their riders ‘Purpose’. We all ride for some reason, be it passion, play or to push ourselves. Harriet Burbage-Smith, the freeride champion from Canberra, rides because she loves it, because it challenges her and exposes her to a community of people bent on pushing pedals. She’s absolutely killing it, too. As a BMX racer, Harriet has in recent years turned her attention to freeride, appearing at events including including Red Bull Formation, Darkfest and Crankworx.

“I’m having fun on my bike every day and that’s what it’s all about.”

The series will feature Mike Ross and Dan Butterworth next.