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Press Release

The all-new ONE-TWENTY and ONE-SIXTY FR promise to “crank up the volume” on your next ride


The perfect bike for riders who don’t want to just do one thing but want a capable ‘do it all machine’


The ONE-TWENTY has very much been a ‘sleeper’ success of the MERIDA mountain bike range, loved by the people that rode them. Due to the media focus on lightweight XC short travel bikes on one side and enduro bikes on the other, the short-travel ‘trail’ bike often flew under the radar.

Encouraged by the down-country trend, the interest in ‘short travel trail’ bikes has increased again. With trends going towards more progressive geometries to deal with today’s more demanding trails and the down-country trend shifting towards longer travel, it was time to give the ONE-TWENTY a once over.

Sitting in travel in between the marathon and XC focused NINETY-SIX on one side and the long travel trail bike ONE-FORTY on the other, and with design and concept elements of both bikes being found on the new ONE-T WENTY, our 130 mm travel bike delivers great ground covering capabilities, impressive climbing prowess and surprising descending strength for a bike of this travel.


Aluminium (LITE) frames
+ Aluminium delivers the same reliability and specification as carbon and offers an excellent price-to-performance ratio. It is also seen by most as a more sustainable option than carbon.
+ The ONE-TWENTY benefits from the development and testing process of the aluminium ONE-SIXTY and ONE-FORTY frames.
+ Two frame configurations are on offer: ONE-TWENTY with 130 mm and NINETY-SIX LITE with 110 mm travel based on the same frame with different shock strokes.

MERIDA Team TR handlebar (ONE-TWENTY)
+ 780 mm for enough control but also for more agile handling compared to 800 mm
+ 18 mm rise across all sizes

+ Shaped spacers and stem for a harmonious look even with larger numbers of spacers
+ Possibility to integrate a Garmin mount, GoPro, light etc.

All pivot bolts can be tightened and untightened from just one side with a single key, with no need
to hold the opposite side of the bolt. The majority of bolts can be tightened using the removable lever from the MERIDA rear axle, if a quick ‘on trail’ check is needed, for the remaining ones, the MERIDA tool from the saddlebox will provide the appropriate size Allen key.


“Bike park ready”


The ONE-SIXTY FR is designed for getting amongst it in the bike park, sending jump lines and having good times – on repeat.

It’s designed to be robust and affordable, focusing on maximum suspension and braking performance rather than trimming grams. That means extra travel, coil springs and powerful brakes. While uplifts and bike parks are its natural playground, it’s also the perfect choice for heavy and hardcore riders that need a machine that keeps pace with how they push.


The FR runs a mullet mixed wheel setup across all sizes. We’ve also bumped the front travel up to 180 mm with a 29″ wheel and paired it with 171 mm of coil-sprung travel at the rear for super supple, fade-free performance.

The back end uses our proven FAST kinematic suspension to provide plush yet controlled support. It uses a low-maintenance flexstay design that gets rid of the seat stay pivot to reduce weight and maintenance. The kinematic also increases in progression as you move up the frame sizes, so that taller, heavier riders have increased bottom-out support and extra control.

The bike also uses the AGILOMETER sizing concept that allows riders to choose their handling characteristics independently of leg length thanks to low standover frames paired with our 230 mm travel adjustable dropper post. Go long for stability, go short for agility – or choose a balance of both. It’s your party.


+ Proven LITE aluminium frame from ONE-SIXTY
+ 29″ front wheel for rollover peformance and 27.5″ rear wheel for agile handling
+ 171 mm coil sprung rear wheel travel and 180 mm front wheel travel
+ Focus on providing quality suspension and braking components
+ FAST kinematic suspension system gives more
progression as frame sizes increase
+ AGILOMETER sizing allows riders to choose
frame handling independently of leg length
+ Four-piston brakes with 220 mm front rotor as standard
+ Long travel dropper posts
+ ISCG chain guide mount
+ Five-year warranty for toughest Category 5 bikepark/downhill usage

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