The Trail That Raised $44,000

One lunch ride in 2017, the OneUp team decided to build a jump trail. Six years later, they’ve raised thousands to help bike associations follow suit.

Airplane Mode starts at the bottom of the legendary Half Nelson in the Squamish rainforest. It’s a single black jump trail, but rides like a downhill pump track, and with no phone service, and jumps that track some serious airtime, the trail has earned its name.

From an idea on a lunch ride to an opening day party with hundreds of people shredding together, Scott Secco’s short documentary tells the story of how Airplane Mode was built and the three builders who led the charge.

$44,000 Raised for the Trails

From day 1, OneUp has donated 1% of all revenue to trail associations, mountain bike advocacy and environmental conservation, and screenings of Airplane Mode have been used to generate income for trail building communities, too.

Organisers were granted access to the unreleased film, a keg of beer, door prizing and social posters to promote the event, with a raffle for the grand prize of a full OneUp build to finish off the night. These events brought people together and helped them to raise money for their local trails.

If any other trail associations want to host an Airplane Mode fundraising event contact