Press Release: ilabb Presents Women's Ride Progression


We recently had a catch up and an epic ride day with ilabb riders Brooke Thompson, Louise Ferguson, Kate Smith, Vinny Armstrong & Kathy Morris about how mountain biking has seen positive change as of late, and is on a runway to promote more involvement in the sport. 

It’s no secret that mountain biking is becoming one of the most progressive sports in the world. From the progressive nature of leveling up your game every time you drop in to progressive change in inclusion. We’re lucky to have a team full of riders that are stoked on the direction the sport is headed. 

Photographer Jay French

“The progression element is what inspires me on the bike. Trying a new trail, new jump or training for an event and ticking it off the list is a feeling that is unmatched…the freeness that riding gives you and where it can take you.

Off the bike, good people, kindness and good old fun. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people that want to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. You really can’t beat that. It makes you want to tackle the next goal that life throws at you!” – Brooke Thompson

Photographer Jay French

“There are many reasons I ride my bike, but what I love most about it is all the amazing people I meet and friendships I gain.

I get inspired everyday by all the rad women out there pushing the sport.” – Vinny Armstrong

Photographer Jay French

“I love riding my bike. I’m constantly inspired and motivated by the friends I have made through biking, the places it takes me and the feeling of pushing myself to new limits.” – Kathy Morris

Photographer Jay French

“I am motivated to ride because it is always a good time. I love being outside and not thinking about anything apart from riding my bike. My time spent between rides is simply spent waiting for the next.” – Kate Smith

Photographer Jay French

“It’s a challenge. Mountain biking includes such a variety of people and abilities. It’s inclusive and diverse, because everyone has their own challenges within mountain biking and that feeling of overcoming something is unbelievably cool and we can all relate to that.

I’ve met most of my best friends through mountain biking. They constantly inspire and help me, and create a welcoming space for others. The womens MTB scene is growing so fast and I feel like it’s here to stay.” – Louise Ferguson

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Photo & Video Credit: Jay French & HOIHO Media

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand