Introducing the Small Composite Pedal. A grippy pedal for any rider with smaller feet (up to US Women's 8 or US Men's 6.5)

The pins let you increase pedal grip as skill and confidence grows, or ride threaded pins right away.

The platform is 97.5mm x 92mm compared to the regular 1115mm x 105mm Composite Pedal.

The Small Pedals have 7 steel pins per side and come with our new Friendly Pins installed. The Friendly Pin is a threaded sleeve that covers a regular pedal pin (the same pins found on our full size Composite Pedal). For more grip, you can remove the Friendly Pin and leave the more aggressive threaded pin exposed.


Weight: 300g

Platform Side: 97.5mm x 92mm

Pedal Thickness: 18mm

Pins: 7 per side

Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Turquoise

Body Material: Nylon Composite


$49.50 USD / $64.50 CAD / £49.50 GBP / € 59.50 EU