Press Release | Norco Fluid FS in Carbon

Norco Bicycles has gone all-in with the new Fluid Carbon, building on the success of last year’s award-winning Fluid FS Aluminum Trail bike.

The Fluid Carbon boasts the same geometry and 130mm rear suspension design of its aluminium sister, but features a carbon fibre front triangle that shaves 600 grams off its overall weight.

While significantly lighter, the carbon front end maintains Norco’s commitment to strict strength testing protocols on all four frame sizes, ensuring performance and reliability on every rider’s favourite trail.

Carrying forward the Fluid FS’s focus on performance and ride feel, the full Fluid Carbon lineup features custom shock tunes, rider-first parts specs and each model is wired into the Ride Aligned Bike Setup Guide to ensure that every Fluid FS Carbon can be precision tuned to every rider within minutes.

The new Fluid FS Carbon is available NOW in Canada at Norco dealers and, and in the US and around the world soon.