Norco VLT Fluid

Press Release

The Norco Fluid VLT E-MTB

Introducing the Fluid VLT. With a Bosch lightweight drive unit and carbon frame, this new release from Norco promises to “give pedal pursuits a few less reasons to resist the electric evolution.”

Employing Bosch’s wireless closed system, including dedicated PowerTube 400Wh battery and 2kg drive unit, the new model will provide Trail riders with 55Nm of quiet torque and up to 600w of customizable, natural-feeling power output, along with other Bosch-exclusive features accessed through the custom Norco/Bosch Flow App.

The new Fluid VLT will also be precision-tunable in minutes using the Ride Aligned Bike Setup Guide, ensuring that suspension settings, fit and tire pressure meet the specific needs of the rider relative to their body proportions, riding style, and even the type of terrain they prefer.

The new Fluid VLT will be available in 140mm/150mm travel options, one all-carbon, and two carbon front/aluminum rear in addition to a gram-conscious but function-focused full-carbon flagship 130mm/140mm model weighing in at 38 pounds complete.

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