Red Bull Rampage 2023

The 17th edition of Red Bull Rampage saw some of the world’s most technical riders sketch dream lines into the Utah rock

The most technical, stylish riders in the world gathered in the Utah desert last week for five days of dreaming, digging and hard riding. 

The eighteen riders invited featured favourites from Brendan Fairclough to Tomas Genon, all with their distinctive riding styles but one core similarity – their maleness. The decision to exclude women from the lineup comes after the cancellation Formation, in a series of exclusions incompatible with the rise of women’s involvement in the sport.

The chosen eighteen picked up tools in the desert nonetheless, and a network of interweaving lines were chiselled into sandstone.

There is no clear route down the mountainside, so competitors – with the help of two mates each – were given one week to dig their desired lines, all without power tools.

From thereon out, it was the rider who gots down the hill in one piece, negotiating 20 metre gaps and speeds of up to 70 km/hour, as spectacularly as possible who secured the win. 


1st: Cam Zink, 95.00

2nd: Tom Van Steenbergen, 89.00

3rd: Carson Storch, 87.00

4th: Brendan Fairclough, 86.66

5th: Talus Turk, 84.00

6th: Kyle Strait, 83.58

7th: Emil Johansson, 82.83

8th: Bienvenido Aguado Alba, 79.44

9th: Thomas Genon, 77.41

10th: Reed Boggs, 76.73

11th: DJ Brandt, 73.51

12th: Alex Volokhov, 72.00

13th: Kurt Sorge, 69.66

14th: Jaxson Riddle, 68.00

15th: Adolf Silva, 51.33