RockShock Vivid

“I hate the air shocks but I love the new Vivid” – Kade Edwards

TouchDown technology is Vivid’s new position-sensitive damping system. They’ve developed a rear shock damper that’s forgiving at the beginning of its travel while staying composed in the middle and end of the stroke. Each phase of suspension action makes a seamless handoff to the next, so all you notice is that thrilling buzz at the bottom of the downhill.

To give Vivid a supple ride at the beginning of its travel, TouchDown technology bypasses the compression damping generated by the main piston in the first 10% of its travel. Quieting trail chatter is just the beginning. To handle hectic terrain, the next 70% of Vivid’s travel rides on controlled and stable compression damping. Adding to TouchDown technology’s adaptability, Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out lets you tune rear suspension feel for the harsh hits that dip into the final 20% of travel.

Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out

Vivid features Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out (AHBO), which kicks in to increase compression damping within the last 20% of travel—but how much damping it offers is all on you. The key component is an adjustable dial offering five different compression settings to customize the cushioning you experience on impact. 


  • New TouchDown RC2T damper features sensitivity and suppleness off the top while remaining stable and supportive throughout its travel


  • Bottom Out to resist harsh hits, this position-sensitive damper offers reliable performance and tunability with energetic responsiveness at every position in the travel


  • New TouchDown RC2T damper features Rebound adjustment, independent High and Low Speed Compression adjustment, and an easy-to-adjust Threshold Lever for added pedaling efficiency


  • The most coil-like air spring we’ve ever built featuring the latest in DebonAir technology, Vivid’s air spring maximizes fine-tuning potential, allowing riders to match positive air volume to any bike. Increased mid-stroke support and off-the-top suppleness create an unparalleled ride feel out on the trail


  • Adjustable Hydraulic Bottom Out has five compression settings at your fingertips to customise the amount of bottom-out resistance in the last 20% of travel


  • The Rebound Knob pulls out to reveal a 3mm hex wrench that can adjust both High Speed Compression and Hydraulic Bottom Out


  • Maxima Plush Dynamic Suspension Lube reduces friction, lasts longer, and enhances suspension performance, ride after ride


  • 20 clicks of Rebound adjustment offer a wide range of tunability to accommodate all riding styles


  • Service intervals are now boosted to 100 hours of ride time, thanks to an updated dust wiper seal design and increased oil volumes

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