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New Release | Bike Yolk Grippy

It’s a grip. OK, it’s a bicycle grip. We can’t and won’t say it the best bicycle grip, because bicycle grips are a particularly personal thing.
Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, … There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favourite, there simply can’t be THE ONE, can there?

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OneUp Announces New 240mm and 90mm Droppers

Everyone at OneUp wants the longest travel dropper post we can fit on our bikes. The team is obsessed with maximising drop by minimising stack height and total length.

OneUp Dropper Posts get you more drop than any other post. That’s because, across the line, OneUp droppers have the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any post with the same travel. No other dropper post can get your saddle lower.

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Forbidden Dreadnought

I feel I should start this review with a couple of small confessions. Firstly, until I sat down to write this, I didn’t know any of the Forbidden Dreadnought’s measurements or geometry numbers. Secondly, I’ve never pedaled the Dreadnought up a hill. Never. Zero climbs to date.

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Developed using exotic materials mainly used in motorsport applications, that features a very high tensile strength and modulus coupled with a very dedicate design and specific production process. Ext Superlight V2 Springs are set to define a new standard in very low weight high performances springs.

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