new release | BIKE YOLK GRIPPY


It’s a grip. OK, it’s a bicycle grip. We can’t and won’t say it the best bicyle grip, because bicylce grips are a particularly personal thing.
Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, … There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favourite, there simply can’t be THE ONE, can there?

Well, we did try to make a grip with a lot of features that take away with some of the things we particularly did not like with some of the grips out there.

  • Honeycomb design

On some of your favourite grips, you may notice that, in a matter of a few rides, you can see small parts of the rubber already get twisted/torn or sheared off. Some grips provide excellent damping but the rubber may be too soft/squishy/sticky to be withstanding rough use over a longer period if time. For our Grippy we settled for a surface structure which reminds of a honeycomb and combined it with a material that provides very good feel and grip, yet it is stiff and sturdy enough, you can not twist the rubber, which helps keep wear as little as possible.

  • Inner sleeve cutouts

For even more damping on the outside palm area, we designed cut-outs into the inner Nylon support sleeve, creating space for more rubber material all the way to the handlebar for more more damping and support of the critical outside palm area.

  • Eccentric/offset design

The Grippy, while featuring a circular diameter is offset from the middle axis. Thinner grips usually allow for a firmer/better mechanical grip, thicker grips can give more damping and comfort. With the offset design, we created more damping where you need it – on the rearward facing side (palm side) of the grip towards rider side – without increasing the overall diameter of the grip.

  • Integreated Endcap

One thing we found particularly annyoing is, the that outer ends of some grips tear too easly due to lack of or only little protection from improperly designed endcaps. Scraping a tree, going down, these things happen and we do not want the grip to get torn too easily, right? So the black, integrated endcap mainly has two functions: a) the slightly tapered shape gives you excellent tactile feedback to feel where the grip ends and b) it gives a solid protection against impacts. 

Not really much more to say about a grip, eh?

Not really much more to say about a grip, eh? Well, maybe some obligatory specs:

Rubber material: TPR
Inner sleeve/endcap material: Nylon
Clamp material: aluminum, forged
Colour clamp: titanium grey anodised

Weight: 113g/pair
Length: 140mm
Diameter (rubber part): 31mm

Price: $45

Get your hands on a pair (literally) at 3Sixty Sports or at your local Bike Yolk retailer.