Press Release | The brand-new Otocon from POC

POC are proud to release its brand-new and award-winning full-face helmet, the Otocon. Developed for the precise needs of enduro riders, the Otocon brings together new ideas and perspectives, setting a benchmark for what can be integrated and achieved in a full-face helmet. Safety, weight, ventilation, material fusion, fit and adjustment are just some of the defining features of the Otocon.

The Otocon Race Mips and Otocon are brand-new helmets focused on exceptional low weight and high ventilation levels, combined with a host of advanced protection.

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New Release | Canyon Spectral 125


The Spectral 125 is a shredder’s short-travel whip. It’s a playful, “poppy” kind of trail bike – perfect for jibbing off every little trail feature in sight. With 125mm of rear squish mated to a decidedly aggressive and low-slung chassis, the Spectral 125 is a little short on travel and a lot rowdy. Put those together and you get … a little rowdy. See what we did there?

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New Release | Bike Yolk Grippy

It’s a grip. OK, it’s a bicycle grip. We can’t and won’t say it the best bicycle grip, because bicycle grips are a particularly personal thing.
Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, … There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favourite, there simply can’t be THE ONE, can there?

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Danny MacAskill rides the new Santa Cruz Heckler

New Release | Santa Cruz Heckler Goes Further

Danny doesn’t stop talking about ebikes. He’s infatuated with them. In fact, the only time he’s not chewing someone’s ear off about how “mint” they are is when he’s riding one. And when he’s riding his ebike he just rides and rides and rides. Which is why we’ve equipped the newest Heckler to venture further and faster, for longer.

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