Versa: New Video from Mons Rider Joel Ducrot

Versa: ‘meaning a change, an alteration, or a succession, but also a place or a position.’

Joel Ducrot has a bucket list to tick, and his latest video with Mons Royale and Scott Bikes has a fair few boxes hit. Filmed across ten days in some of British Columbia’s most diverse riding spots, ‘Versa’ is designed to showcase what this landscape has to offer in an attempt to “bring the romanticism back to mountain biking.”

“It’s about putting that extra effort into learning something more about yourself and the landscape around you – and finding the beauty in it. And riding sick terrain too of course.”

For Joel, Versa reflects his changing relationship with the sport, too: “14-year old Joel would prefer riding the same trail over and over again to dial in every detail. 15 years and a move to BC later, I have a broader perspective of the sport. I look at the bike as not just a toy but more as a means to discover, explore and appreciate my surroundings with friends.”

Athlete, Director, Producer: Joel Ducrot (@joelducrot)

DOP, Director, Editor, Colourist: Peter Wonar (@peterwonar)

Photographer: Margus Riga (@margusriga)

Supported by Mons Royale (@monsroyale) and Scott Bikes