Following her ground-breaking feature film VISION in 2019, Veronique Sandler brings a fresh look at the sport in a brand-new series that takes a deep dive into MTB and her influences 4 years on from her first film.

“VISION Chapters is a chance for me to bring a collective of the most influential riders I know into one series and showcase how far the sport and the women’s freeride movement has come in the last 4 years, it’s crazy to believe the level of progression that has happened in such a short time. I wanted to make this series available to everyone, for free and to try and hype as many people as possible to get out and ride” – Veronique Sandler

In Episode 1 Vero and a crew of the hardest hitting women from around the world head to South Africa to take on the worlds biggest freeride jump line at Darkfest. Darkfest was the brain child of Sam Reynold’s and after seeing first-hand how the likes of Vero, Casey Brown, Robin Goomes and more took on Audi Nines, he knew he had to open the doors to Darkfest.

Episode 1 goes behind the scenes on what makes Darkfest such a unique event and how progression is fuelled by riding together and pushing each other as a community to be the best each person can possibly be. This VISION for riding is what has fuelled Vero’s own personal progression and inspires her to support the women’s freeride community around the world.

“The power of social media and the wider industry media is huge, when women can see what other women are capable of it makes it more achievable. If we can keep pushing ourselves together and showcase the progression through media, who knows what is possible!” – Vero Sandler

With Darkfest 2023 about to start in South Africa, rewind the clock to 2022 when the future of Freeride was changed forever and the world’s biggest jump line was tamed by a collective of ground-breaking riders from around the world.