Don’t you dare not watch this full screen. Revel Co. is back with yet another Raw 100, and this one – Semenuk’s fourth contribution to the series – is once again the talk of the town.

With Revel Co. as their vehicle, Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker are agents of surprise and delight. You know they’re in the lab tinkering away on the next big thing, you know it’s only a matter of time before they drop it, and you know release day always feels good. 

With their fourth kick at Raw 100, our video concept designed to challenge filmmakers to showcase their sport in real time with native audio in a 100-second video, Semenuk and Walker remind us that they’re still the ones that set the bar.

As the filmmaking side of Raw 100 has evolved, so too has the course-building aspect. With each edition of Raw 100,  Semenuk reminds us that he’s as masterful in pushing dirt around as he is in bringing the bike community new reasons to get excited about how slopestyle bikes can be tossed around. For the build behind this particular edition, Semenuk and his crew required nine days and put in 325 hours of labour.

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