So New Zealand (apart from Rotorua’s Triple Crown) still seems stuck on the Super D buzz. There’s nothing wrong with it but after spending time with both Jerome Clementz and Nico Vouilloz recently they both insist that the future is Enduro racing. Which is basically a bunch of Super Ds thrown together over one or a few days. Some stages might not be so super, they could be grass slalom like the LOG’s Snakes in the Grass race. But like Super D races, Enduros are about mountain biking; not XC, not DH, but the perfect mix. Just look at the lineup for the Mavic Trans Provence!!! Anyhow it’s no surprise that a bunch of Euros (sorry guys) decide to put one on in Christchurch. The guys at are backing the Enduro format hard and with Gravity Canterbury are hosting the South Island’s first Enduro event. All the details are below…

WHAT: 4 stages of self assisted ENDURO

RACING spanning the Port Hills. Tracks will be predominately downhill and suited to all skill levels. Each stage will be timed, riders will have to ride between stages. Rider with the lowest combined time over the 4 stages wins.

WHERE: Registration at the start of the TRAVERSE TRACK from 8.30AM. Racing starts at 10AM. Final stage will finish at Halswell Quarry followed by a BBQ and Prizegiving around 3.30pm. COST: $20 per rider.

See or search Gravity Canterbury on Facebook for more information.

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  1. @ Jaydub. Short notice because it turns out that was the only day possible for Gravity Canterbury pre-winter. Discussions about the event were only held 4 weeks ago. Big props to the club to put together the organisation for it. If the event runs smoothly a 3 or 4 race series throughout the Canterbury region may be planned for Spring/Summer.

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