It didn’t show up last year even though the global sponsor was 42 Below, and this year the closest screening, like last year, is Melbourne (but no dates have been announced yet.) But we will let you know when they do ’cause some cheap trans-Tasman flights could be the go… Anyway there’s some pretty cool films coming up. Brian Vernor who made “Where Are You Go” and the cross film “Pure Sweet Hell” is back with a new Cylcecross film, “The Cylecross Meeting“. Then there is “The Birth of Big Air” a Matt Hoffman biopic, directed by Jeff Tremaine (who among other things is responsible for Jackass, Rob and Big, Big Brother and Go magazines) and produced by Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze. Going off the trailer and what you should know already about Hoffman, this film looks like it will definitely be one to check out! As well as the long awaited skate/bike film “Riding the Long White Cloud” All trailers below.

And I’ve posted this clip up a bunch of times as Manual (Spoke’s big brother) helped these guys out a bit on their trip and did a story on it in issue 34. This film is going to be next level; bikes and skateboards, frankly I couldn’t think of ANYTHING better.

Then there is this doco on the 4,828 Race Across America (Wellingtonian Josh Kench will be racing this in 2011).

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