I know road cycling isn’t necessarily everyone’s thing here, but has anyone been watching Le Tour this month? There’s been so much argy-bargy, one guy got so worked up he attacked someone with his front wheel!

Just in case the guys and girls at the water cooler forget about the rugby and want to talk about that cycling thing they saw on the tv-thing instead, here’s a quick summary…

– Armstrong is out of contention for the overall. Three crashes in one day put paid to that..

– Greg Henderson isn’t riding. Team Sky decided to aim for the overall with Wiggins rather than go for any stage wins, yup, that certainly worked well… NOT.

– Hayden Roulston isn’t riding either, he’s been riding support for some guy with a euro-sounding name in a euro-sounding race.

– Julian Dean is kicking arse, so much so he’s getting headbutted for his troubles

– Last year’s winner, Alberto Contador is looking pretty good heading into the hills, especially with recovering EPO-junkie Vino helping him out.

There you, the kiwi layman’s tour in five bullet points.

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